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Hey shadow oh my god you're on a tree hey Dulli huh yeah I'm gonna treat you right straight oh yeah I'm on a tree to your right how you got me there okay Sarah where are we well we are at a summer camp and you are why do you know why Julie I know because we met on the wrong bus we were starting to have a nice trip in Paris instead we ended up in Canada you see those beautiful.

Mountains behind you and all this is this Canada is this looks like some Canadians but jelly I still want to go a lot you know weekend trip to paradise they have really big ducks in Canada oh and the water kills you yeah let's just do that again Julie maybe let's uh alright gotta get out of here so we got to get out of here because ain't nobody was speaking it's not.

Canada's fault but where I escaping or escaping school camp alright summer camp school summer camp yes again no I I think you know I might escape without you if you don't come soon I am on my way lady don't you worry about me oh we've got a fan in Canada that's awesome all right Santa we have to go we have to go I heard there's a fourth going yeah I.

Know Canada is big I don't know there must be a flood summer and getting no games no games what does that mean what you can't even stand on the sand smiling it's the worst summer gap ever oh so you got a jump from tire to tire yeah why why is there no sign telling me that there's two helices you're no sign yeah there's like a army training I think okay jelly.

Oh my god even get the checkpoint I think did I get no okay well don't you worry about it don't you worry about it all right I'm on my way lady okay we got it we got a hit every single checkpoint because that's what we need to do on school summer camp yes and don't don't touch the red line they're very dangerous the hang of this do you.

See I'm starting to get the hang of this I think I'll be able to make it to the end see I'm getting the hang of it how do I do it dance to it I died which bar the celebrating which button do I dance I'm just gonna do this dancing and I'm back here because I did not touch the freaking checkpoint why was what was that a thing it was stupid okay touch the trees I don't know it's.

Like you can just go over them Sam I don't know what I can touch or not but oh whoa there's like there's a lot of steam this kind of looks like I slide to me yeah kind of a volcanic environment don't you think yeah but no it's catalyzed time I'm sure it's Canada we're sure about it yeah geography we're great at it alright time for the next checkpoint we got to dodge them balls.

Now I am in fact very very good at that really mm-hmm you don't believe me good good I'm happy you do I'm happy you do you're good to go you're good to go there we go that was possibly the easiest one we got a little tight rope we got to pretend that the floor is lava Center we cannot touch the core tightrope the skin is really tight isn't it more like tight wood oh my god.

What's this I don't know news can we get on boots come on Senate oh you should probably get your checkpoint I'm gonna keep I'm gonna keep going I'm gonna jump over the red line because that apparently kills you ooh clotee doughnuts do you think that's what they meant to make floaty doughnuts now actually the chemical issues you.

Think the green one is apple flavor I don't know I think it's not jelly flavored oh no I would want to eat that what do you mean jelly jelly flavor is not really a thing you know okay you're gonna die no I'm not see I'm a professional all right I'm a pro I'm a pro at these things get on my level no I was it was on purpose all right I'm gonna I'm gonna.

Make you this time this time I ain't sewing with no fishies all right okay even though there's probably no fish in this water what is this about you have to dodge the red ones no oh you could have told me yeah I could have but I chose not to well okay that goes our teamwork lady I thought we were an escaping school summer camp together yeah well we are.

We're still together aren't we you just died yeah like the third time how many thoughts did you die I 0 I just all right how come I don't believe you I just pretend Oh is it though is it that hilarious oh my god there's three of them well to help me with waiting I got myself some chocolate milk mmm I heard that what chocolate milk makes no sound are you.

Dumb chocolate maker literally does not make sound santé okay well it makes sounds when you drink it oh really oh really you want it you're gonna hear me drink it no no oh I scream I scream below I like Oh so funny it's a trap to slow us down what what I don't get it oh I know what.

To do I know what to do you gotta jump from ice cream the ice cream oh no we're gonna do we gotta jump on the umbrellas oh that's nice that's a good time yeah alright that was Lindsay one we have to jump no phone allowed at school summer camp what is this beach not school it's summer camp oh just do this about service let's shoot it's how you're supposed to good I'm running all right.

We got to go from ball to ball gotta look like the umbrellas rest in little pieces tiny Santa while I'm waiting for you I guess I'll take myself sorry sorry I distracted you gotta say something jelly is cool and has an enormous brain he's got a funny voice wait that's the same lady as the one before how did that make sense I don't know she got I got I didn't see her fascinated did she pass.

It I don't know I don't know maybe she just teleports hi teleporter she's not she's not human she's something else once we make it out of here I don't ever want to see her again really well that's kind of the point we're getting out of here exactly then why were you so surprised by me saying that a walk over the line I don't know.

You try I'm gonna try it oh yeah you can top speed 100 miles an hour oh that was actually like really like Lego B's with you because you you like you tell me what to do are we jumping into that take the hot-air balloon back uptown no way we're not heavy enough or we're too heavy seriously I do this I don't know there's even a town in this this game I think we made it all is this it I think.

That's the same just talk in here wait lady could you tell us where to go as soon as everyone estar you kidding me oh well thank all of them are actually behind there I hope that's all of them yeah they're quite close to us ana they're quite close let's wait for them I don't even know if that's gonna help jelly I think this is the end all right okay that's one two three four five come.

On let's all go together guys no oh my god you guys two people are in three four five come on run come on hop in Oh baby show here take my chocolate milk I told her I have chocolate milk on board maybe she'll join yes no if the jump on oh no no oh no no come back PG come back come on come we all have to go yes come on move what happens I to be honest I don't think any with the gap is.

Doing I think this is it God dang it alright ladies a chance I think we're gonna have to leave it there I think so this will one day take us to town you're gonna be stuck in here forever with Lil with a chocolate milk you never know once you're watching this video we might still be here exactly watch this video in 2020 we might still be here yes and I.

Think we're gonna leave it there thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button and also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t-shirts on jelly store.com


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