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The First Win on COD: Blackout Full Release!

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Is there a misis of course there is it's called Diddy this is just young boy I'll go back to the construction site I guess get into some gun fights get better it get better at gun fighting let's use dead silence while we move around up here up there's a vest okay so he should be dead he took so many hits somebody's here.

Think they're under me I'm gonna say they're under me nope he's up here destroyed armour plating let's see what this outlaw se is so it takes 338 it seems like a sniper scope standard barrel extended mag for grip stock 7 6 to 9 mil 338 cow so this is this is a sniper rifle for shooting shooting gks did I get all the ammo I need everybody I did so what am i.

Running I'm running 9 mil on this gun right here oh never mind now we have a KN 57 I'm so good I'm really not that good at call of duty but I'm gonna practice and that get better but thanks for the vote of confidence man thank you for the vote of confidence I never was a zombie paddles inbound Oh what's this km 57 fully stocked it's got everything on it suppressor to.

Which I'd I think I'd rather have the suppressor on can I detach them I can't have a suppressor on this apparently okay well I'll keep it on that can and I don't need this anymore I don't think how far do I got I'm pretty far away and it looks like the Blue Zones coming in so is that a vehicle I can drive I think that's a vehicle I can drive right there I think somebody might be camping it but.

We're gonna go for it yeah maybe wingsuit for the win I think they sped this I think they sped the truck up a little bit stop the brakes weren't working shit I think I was pushing left trigger instead of brake drive it won't it won't drive up past this tree alright so lesson learned keep this truck on the road it doesn't do very good off-roading.

Very hard to control there's a some orange buggy or something rolling oh there's the guy right there let's try something let's try something I can't jump over this bus I don't think this guy wants to fight great this you just wanted to fight on his own terms that's all let's go get some loot what do we got a Bri see our med kit first aid kit.

Although reflex extended fast mag for gram oh there's a dead silence I want that one it's it's doing some weird leg thing when I try to get right in left come on it's not going right and left alright a little bit of a bug there be advised so the collapse expected refunds like something an old crazy fight going on over here the safe zones this way so it's gonna take a while for.

Me to get used to figuring out where people are based on the sounds they're making but that's okay it's all part of the all part of the fun of the game look at this sweet grass guys it's so realistic it's not I'm being sarcastic I'll take I'll take smooth gameplay over I will take smooth gameplay any day over good graphics good framerate smooth gameplay over over good graphics any day.

There's a dead guy right there I Circle collapse imminent get to safety connect coal supply dropping coming up there's that car that I heard driving over there bridge oh my gosh I hit him alright hit his car well that was the first shot I thought I saw some I did see somebody else when I ran out there they're still fighting think oh that was.

Can I hide in this bush not really sort of kind of I don't think the bush blocks bullets this is a one-shot headshot I wonder where is that coming from so hard to pinpoint sounds I guess I'm so used to pinpointing sounds in pub gee-up look there he is there's a guy right there it's not the guy shooting but that's a different guy chink to your armor I wish.

I would have got the head shot right there oh he just jumped into the water so the collapse expected trouble to indicate it's safe sir oh shit I gotta go so far you better get out of here I gotta go so far I Supply Drop inbound I say rip circle collapse I'm gonna get to safety circle collapse imminent.

There's a buggy but I don't think I'm gonna take it I think I'm gonna run up here and then kind of curve in once I get a little higher ground here buggy up there's a guy I wonder how long he's been following me that's the guy I was shooting it I just realized that 760 250 kill all right I heard his footsteps come in that's how I.

Knew to take cover and wait for him I'm not trying to stay on this side of the road there's a guy right in front of me right there by that rock that's right over there oh there's only ten left we may just the top ten again guys we made it to the top ten again oh look there's a there's a perfect headshot if he steps move it one more time so the collapse expected relocate.

To safe zone fuck I didn't want to give away my position and take a potshot at him I missed my opportunity all right what do I have here skulker paranoia dead silence I think it's time to use these things boys I think it's time to use these things kind of try and curve in with with the zone say red circle collapse I'm gonna get to safety.

Some crazy bastard is still driving around don't like being so close to these houses trying to get in the zone over here oh man there's a whole housing complex right here I don't like that at all there's always gonna be somebody hiding inside a house 60% of the time every time supply drop inbound nine left five kills nine left.

Bullets whizzing past my head somebody shootin Rockets I think that was rockets going off hmm I don't want to walk too far out here because then I'm exposed from all these houses where people could be camping the windows that's not a guy is it no it's a shelf I feel pretty confident there's nobody else on this side of the map but that doesn't mean somebody couldn't be moving.

This way there's definitely people there's got to be somebody hiding in a bathroom or a corner or some of these houses over here new safe zone dude those houses are still in unfortunately those houses are still in eight left up here we go so collapse a minute get to safety got a nice sniper shot on that guy but he's definitely heeled by now it took a.

Good chunk out of his best though this guy's gonna have to move out oh shit this guy right there somebody just melted him I knew I knew it camper in the house I don't think he'll come out of the house though stay away from those windows see I told you guys there's always a camper in the house be advised further collapse expected.

Relocate to safe zone I've left there he is right there sit Rep Circle collapse him in and get to safety this games got my heart pumping man just like pub G I'm telling you guys it's crazy when you're trying to survive and there's only a few people left oh look look I've got to move I want to get to this.

Little there's a guy here can't loot him I want to get to this ledge area here oh that was the last guy the first victory on the full release of the game what's up what's up yeah that was fucking okay so you can shoot unlimited no oh no you can't I just have a lot of ammo apparently woooo GG everybody GG I'm glad I got a win cuz it's getting it's like 2 in the morning I'm ready to go to.

Bed oh man that was great I didn't know that was the last guy I didn't know I didn't know it's definitely gonna take some getting used to it's gonna take some getting warming up it's gonna take a lot of people in the chat saying you suck and this and that but in the end we're the ones with the number one victory me and you guys all right so let's keep it.

That way alright everybody let me tell you my take on call of duty black ops battle royale not really into Call of Duty multiplayer just kind of into this new blackout battle worried I'm Otis I'm such a pub G fan but yeah man I like it I like it it was 8 kills we got 8 kills that's.



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