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Batman and Catwoman Romance Kissing Scene - Batman Telltale Episode 3 Bruce & Selina Full Scene

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Showcasing Batman and Catwoman Romance Scene in Batman Telltale Episode 3


stay here okay just don't move thank you Selena don't thank me yet shit you're lucky you were wearing that suit you know that was stupid right uh uh what showing up at that train depot taking on their leader alone repeat after me Bruce I am NOT invincible and pain killers do not solve.

The problem you weren't gonna take them down on your own they would have killed you it's not that bad I've been through worse funny any worse and you'd be sent home in a body bag uh-huh I don't think you're getting very far with the shoulder like this oh great you can stay here until morning feel like I owe you anyway that's twice now you just keep adding things to my list.

Don't you Selena I told you I don't like owing people probably best to lie low for now anyway I know the children of Arkham finding this place I had it handled you know with their leader I had a plan really didn't need you swooping in and messing it up I was there tracking the children of Arkham night I had no idea you'd be there must have been quite the surprise yeah yeah.

It was that was gonna be my ticket out of here one last job to get the goons off my back so much for that thanks again bats I'm sorry I messed things up for you back there I know I'm used to it anyway there's no such thing as a fresh start well look who's back hey little one I don't think she likes you okay she really doesn't like you yeah well you've got most of God from.

Behind you on that know most maybe half just trying to be optimistic cut it out this really hasn't been your week hasn't you think I lost my company my reputation and I find out my father was just like everyone else they've all got something to hide Bruce every last one of them even the so-called good guys there's always something just beneath.

The surface you're wrong there are good people out there honest people care to introduce me to one come on Bruce even you have your secrets those things you hide from the world and won't let anyone else see I don't have any secrets from you Hanna I have heard that a thousand times but you might be the first actually mean it you're good man Bruce but good men don't lie with.

Thieves I know what I am no noble intentions just the thrill of breaking what they say can't be broken knowing there's no safe I can't crack no fortress I can't infiltrate proving I can you're just listing all the things I like about you now you've ruined it what nothing I've stolen from corrupt jerks like Hill but I've taken plenty from good people too for what some shiny.

New toys and a crappy apartment on the edge of town hi is nice but it wears off then you look around and see nothing so you get back out there try and chase that feeling down but I never amounts to anything really I'm not alone okay I'm here for you thanks bats hmm I was hoping for something more than.

That I'll make it up to you don't have to do all the work myself are you gonna undo this for me let me help you hmm that's why you do best isn't it I trying to tease me bats is it working hey there hmm.

I'm starving not quite what I was looking for I think there might be bagels in the fridge would definitely check expiration dates on anything before you think about putting it in your mouth


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