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Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)

Опубликовано: 3 года назад
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this is a 1963 Corvette Stingray in silver blue with a blue interior kind of a dark purplish upholstery killer it's got a 327 cubic inch v8 four-barrel carb x' and proper knockoff wheels are there faster Corvettes yes are there bigger engine tire melting Corvettes of course are there cooler Corvette I don't think so.

1963 is the only year with the split rear window this car looks like a submarine like you could drive right into the water and keep going it's edgy its stubby its perfectly proportioned with just the right amount of detail and just the right stance in the 60s and 70s all American astronauts in the space program drove Corvettes when you drive a Saturn 5 at.

Work you cannot get out of that and into a Country Squire way look at the scoops look at the nose look at the tail look at the door cutouts into the roof the idea behind this car is just confidence this came from an American culture that would just say things and do them without having any idea how we're gonna put a man on the moon how we gonna do it when are we gonna do it why are we doing.

This no idea we just did stuff crazy but great and I think this cool blue is just the right color for my are you kidding me super special guest today now commander-in-chief of the United States of America President Barack Obama who in my opinion has gotten off just enough funny lines to qualify for getting on this joke a few weeks ago Dick Cheney says he thinks I'm the worst.

President of his lifetime which is interesting because I think Dick Cheney is the worst president of my lifetime wait up yes may I speak with the president please speaking sir may I compliment you on cutting all that red tape in Washington so you still up for a coffee sure I want you come on by it's 1600 Pennsylvania yeah I know.

I'm Jerry Seinfeld and this is comedians in cars getting coffee you ready I got some stuff to do are these washed well let's go let's go get some coffee well don't don't don't leave Japheth oh you got it if you're gonna have a bite of the Apple you've got to take it okay could I throw this out you have a.

Garbage you have to use the non-presidential Garvey oh this is a sweet car okay now check this out this is beautiful I thought the coolest car American made for the coolest guy ever to hold this office I you know what you are winning a lot of points with me right now a friend of my grandfather's who had this when I was like that was what seven or eight.

Years all right and I remember seeing this thing and thinking if I was ever able to get me one of these yeah I'd be safe well let's hop in let's go I'm glad you had some free time I don't really like this guy be careful that hidden feel like a little nervous a little you're doing with Fallon it's not the sediment we're.

Just gonna run out for a quick coffee we'll be right back I'm sorry that's not possible and I do this little show comedians in cars getting coffee you're competing with the president going nowhere back it up yes sir do you ever think about every person you talk to is putting on an act a total show it's a problem don't you.

Think every American child is a president then you grow up loving the president I do really well with the 0 to 8 demographic oh really yeah they love me partly because I think my ears are big and so I look a little like a cartoon character right and then little kids love saying my name right but it's all one big name it's Barack Obama it is one of those names that you.

Could compress into one word yeah that's good Barack Obama it's like a Nickelodeon thing well anything o'rama is fun this is called the Beast it's a caddy basically on a tank frame oh my god ya see so I could call a nuclear submarine right here from this hoping you don't have them I don't have that yeah it's it's a cool feature plus seat.

Warmers so between the nuclear submarine thing yeah right that's that's standard that's pretty standard everywhere now yeah what is it that you really want to do that they don't let you do I would love to just be taking a walk and then I run into you you're sitting on a bench right now suddenly I say hey Jerry how you doing hey I'm doing pretty good what you doing.

Nothing so Saturday morning right That moment when you lost your anonymity and anonymity is not something you think about as being valuable with all due respect yeah I remember very well not being famous do you think it was okay it wasn't that great yeah it was you think being famous is better yes I always wanted to be in a show about nothing and Here I am you there's.

Nothing come on let's go get some coffee so when you were a kid did you have favorite presidents Teddy Roosevelt is a cool Kari in fact he may be the guy who would be the most fun to hang out with he just does crazy stuff so there's just little well Jim patek midday you're asking Teddy Roosevelt would go up to Yellowstone Park for like a month and nobody knew.

Where he was nobody could get in touch with him can you imagine that wait a minute in office in office sounds pretty good to me that's a lot of messages when you get back how do you get up you need an alarm somebody calls me you got a wake-up call yeah why not get out aside brush my teeth shave put on some workout clothes I go up workout shade then workout yeah.

I believe in shaving before the workout okay the because that's how I do it and I don't really need a reason I think I guess I'll just make some myself let's let's see you make coffee how far can you wander around up there and your underwear how far can you get before there's like people and it's not cool.

It's not cool generally wandering around in my underwear can you really get a good night's isn't this like night at the museum when you go to sleep here first night was of all the jarring elements of first being elected president you know you get the inauguration and they're 2 million people and their parades and there's this and there's that all the.

Hoopla the thing that really does get to you is after all that's over and it's the first night and you're sleeping in the White House right it's not like a hotel room right so you're looking around here thinking what the hell is this yeah yeah that's how it feels yeah the probably the first week there's a lot of crazy stuff that's happened in this house there is does that ever end.

In your mind sometimes it does ya know there are times where you you you think okay here's where Kennedy was hanging out right here's where Nixon was mm-hmm talking to Haldeman about all right whatever yeah can you adjust the temperature in here at all is there a thermos have you ever touched a thermostat in here and oh cool I make a call you make.

If I slid open your underwear drawer one brand or a number of brands you got to go with one brand one brand one color yeah of course this is a critical concept with more work that you don't need how many suits do they put out in the morning well they don't put out sirs I have a closet like video game the suit I do the first reel I do I do I would have a guy just leave the same with the.

Lunch here's the suit here's the lunch what would the suit I only have blue and and graces right no black I have one black suit blacks too rough for a president you gotta soften well but I'm a cool president that's true what's the coolest president remember a shoe Oh God to get that's because you're in line to get something great the Rushmore things Rushmore would be interesting but.

That's pretty exclusive real estate you know what I know Rushmore the other day Washington has totally turned his back on those other three guys he's in a different angle yeah have you ever had one of those george w bush remember when he couldn't find the door in the wall yeah and he was just looking for the door yeah I don't ever.

Believe that publicly you've had one I've had a public moment like that you haven't tumbled down a stair you never leaned over and just started vomiting in Japan though nothing like this happened so nothing what's your most embarrassing president moment this may be it if you're one of those guys even though you've seemed very relaxed you got to go off at some point the food what's your.

Thing without great cook nacho that's one of those where I have to have it taken away I'll have it's the guacamole coming out of my eyeballs yeah people you spend most of your time with are they really smart are they mostly headstrong agenda laden idiots you know when you're dealing with Congress it varies you know there gonna be some.

Folks there that are foolish mm-hmm just like there are in comedy or well everyone in comedy is foolish all my friends are knuckleheads all of them I know some of your friends yeah did I tell you I played golf with Larry David I know it was you and I don't talk that much I love Larry when we play golf he's a fair skinned guy which is the sunscreen lathers himself in sunscreen I.

Hate white all over and it catches parts of his ears yeah yeah what sport is politics is it chess is it liars poker that's interesting that's it that was a good question it's probably most like football football yeah because a lot of players a lot of specialization a lot of you right a lot of hitting a lot of attrition a lot of attrition but then every once in.

A while you'll see an opening I'd say so you're gonna be you know you're you hit the lime you get one yard right try play you get set now it's like third and 15 mm-hmm but every once in a while you have to punt a lot but but every once in a while you'll see a hole and then there's open field and how many world leaders do you think.

Are just completely out of their mind a pretty sizable to say how these people you must meet them used to be chatting and you see in the eyes you look in the eyes you go oh this guy's gone yeah well and part of what happens is these guys I think the longer they stay in office the the more likely that is to happen of course right they lose it yeah I mean it will just at a certain point your.

Feet hurt and you're having trouble peeing and you have absolute power and privilege is toxic yeah it sadly it really is that the things that people struggle to achieve yeah they get your positions of power influence money can do things like it says has a toxic effect on their judgment yes has that happened to you yet no why is that do you think so come on do some.

More so you're a funny guy thank you you go on some late-night talk shows people think you're funny yeah they give you a show right and then next thing you know you've made like a ridiculous amount of money so much more than you and yet no how do I seem to you do I seem less spoiled out of touch well I don't know well you have a you have a good thing for people right now you seem.

Like a completely normal guy but I'm putting on an act well that's like everyone else does for you that's my point that's that's what I'll be right but I'm gonna probe this the question is how did you calibrate dealing with men right now at a certain point you might have thought to yourself you know what I'm more than just a comedian I'm gonna make a Jewish version of Citizen Kane.

You know how did you keep respect I'll give you the real answer it's gotta be similar to your life I fell in love with the work and the work say it was joyful and difficult and interesting and that was my focus so now that you're like quasi retired man of leisure I work a lot do you yeah are you still doing standing are you still making speeches.

You still get hecklers what's your theory of handling hecklers I say you know what you seem upset I'm so sorry I know that's not why you came in here let's talk what kind of language do people use what kind of English as a general yeah does it help with your stress level I'm gonna say how I wish this son-of-a-bitch I just rat bastard comes in here you.

Really feel awful stamp right yeah bad stuff or stupid stuff is happening absolutely right everyday so you have to be able to just make fun of well a while back yeah of course that was even dumber and more annoying than usual yeah that's when cursing is really valued right all right we totally done we're about done no problem is I didn't work in Obamacare usually the.

Only reason I do these things is cuz I'm not moaning yeah but if you want go ahead no I mean if you don't want to sully your shit I don't mind I really don't mind with the interest of getting people with no health care signing up so that you know heaven forbid something happens to them it's a great thing please try Obamacare today .

I want to give you a shot drive this car you know what this is a childhood drink this is not standing yeah you ever go on eBay No all right that's great I like the hand hanging over the good Tommy that's you guys you're gonna you gotta set it that way can't be doing this yeah no no good 1202.

That's not cool come on man I'm appreciably cooler than I was is two minutes oh yeah I bet if you talk to the guy to let us out just just say you know I'm a president you have a good company hey Darrell can you open this up sir I can't line it that's unbelievable yeah wait .

I know that won't work it didn't sell it comedians in cars getting coffee we'll be right back after this brief word from our sponsor there you go you're good I know how to drive man come on so he's gonna be lurking through the bushes huh Harry don't don't don't shoot he's very funny guy we all like him my poll numbers.

Would go down if you did harm to Jerry Seinfeld you


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