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10 людей в существование которых сложно поверить
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На Земле более семи миллиардов людей – неудивительно, что какие-то из них сильно отличаются от большинства. Причем у некоторых такие аномалии от природы, а другие делают их намеренно, чтобы поразить окружающих.
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On Earth more than seven billionpeople - no wonder, that some of them badlydifferent from the majority. And some suchanomaly of nature, while others make them deliberately toimpress others. Young resident IndianPunjab city Chahat Kumar only 8 months, however,It weighs as much as a 4 year old child. The girl can not controlhis appetite and is constantly requires food, but if it does notgive, she begins to cry. Her parents do not considerguilty that so raskormili his daughterand blaming the gods..

Chahat Kumar in his 8 monthsIt weighs as much as 18 kilograms. Due to the overweight childtrouble sleeping and suffer from shortness of breath. How to telllocals girl eat as much as10-year-old child. The flight attendant from Germany,has become a glamor model, He has spent 63 thousand dollarsan operation to turn themselves in the "exotic Barbie."Martina Big, whose 28 years pumped breast size to 18and uses injections to Sun, as well as its ownpowerful solarium with 50 lamps, to get dark,rich brown.

Skin tone.Martin to Big plastic It was quite ordinary, humbleand unremarkable Woman, however, it is stillat school I admired known model and actress PamelaAnderson. Martin passionately I dreamed about as bigsilicone breast as and her idol.Now Martina most large breasts in Europe.She admits that she delivers great pleasureenjoy people's reaction, when she passes bythem. Big confident that shocking of its unearthly beauty,although it is fair to.

To say that it simplyIt scares others. What do you think about her appearancewrite in comments. And now take a closer lookthis girl named Sari resite Ariyanti. howYou think how old she is? 3 years old you might say, well, a maximum5, right? mmm. And in fact She's 24!!! 24! She was bornOctober 16, 1993. By the way, I too was born in '93.Sari, my coeval. Her growth of only 87cm, and weight - 20 kg. These are average indicators preschool childage. Unfortunately, it unable to walk andit has to rely.

To help relatives. 39-year-old Australian CarolineArthur said that is the owner of the mostlongest legs in the world! her statements not groundless, and if theyconfirmed, Caroline bypass Russian SvetlanaPankratov, which is today isthe owner of the most longest legs in the world accordingGuinness Book of Records. Caroline lives inMelbourne. She is a former model, Now she bringstwo children. leggy Mom says that the lengthher legs is 132 cm. It should.

Confirm representativesGuinness Book of Records, that will sooncome to the woman. Arthur says thatbecause of his height and slim build it is very difficultpick up his clothes. Also, the woman began to bother,that everyone around look on it as the alien,who flew from the planet of giants! family livingIndia always stand in the crowd and handcuffed toa multitude of opinions, because almost all of them are likegnomes. Ram Raj Chauhan, 52-year-old head of the family, says,that almost all of them are affected.

Rare hereditarydisease - achondroplasia, because of which the longskeleton bones develop very bad, which leadsdwarfism. Man admitted that he fullyHe resigned to their illness, as well as his relatives.Even when they are cruel people who laughthem, they absolutely do not It hurts. His children RamRaj teaches us not to blame fate, and live happily as possibleand enjoy life. in a strict religious family.However, this did not prevent her increase her chestto such an extent that it.

Not itself able to engageStatement laces. She was 47 years old. Now Women form more than 137cm in girth. And that's it not going to stop.In total, she spent all operations about 75,000$. Allegra gave up her job as a teacherPiano to build modeling career. her sexyphotos are great popularity.Woman earns This is more than 100 000 dollarsin year. insert comments MargotTop - 1000 r. Only for those Who Like and subscribeCanal..

And do you think how many yearsthis woman? Nuu, I would give 50 years probably. And even more.Her name is Sarah and Hertz Actually it all-just26 years. This woman is ill a rare disease thatIt makes it look much older. but becomingmodel, she decided to do call beauty standards.Hoping to break into the modeling business, Sarah decided to builda successful modeling career, despite struggling with hergenetic disease, which makes her skintoo saggy. And it all turns out, itIt is becoming more popular.

And popularity. provesall that love yourself as who you areand no matter what to achieve their goals and fulfilldreams. She is an example of a strong and unique person,that inspires many other people. day, only 22 years old, he had alreadyorder to shock the audience their appearance. Himgoal is to become in completely sexless creature,a little like a celebrity or beautiful people -Winnie opinion, beauty is to lookboth male and female at the same time,.

But it does not have neither thenor the other. In order to achieve its goal Winnie has already doneover 100 operations that It costs him $ 50,000.Man plans to spend still about 160 000 dollarsUS to fully develop at the creature, which heit seems most appropriate its internal state.From time to time Winnie wear lenses that turnhis eyes were two black bottomless circle, his nails naroschenyso much that more closely resemble claws, and his hair is alwayspainted unnatural colors. Now, in order to achievefull of happiness and gaining.

"Perfect appearance" WinnieHe wants to remove the dummies, genitals and the navel. Yeah ... I thinkhe went too far ... In 18-year-old American MikaelaDavert rare disease - osteogenesis imperfecta,because of which her bones brittle as chalk. childrenwith this pathology often called "glass"or "crystal". Girl, whose height is less than80 cm, in the course of his life underwent 25 surgicaloperations and 90 fractures. Desperate to find friendsat school, Michael drew their attention on the Internet.She created her own beauty blog.

On yutyube. Now itchannel over 30,000 subscribers, who are happywatching her reflection fashion and beauty. named Cassandra Cass33 years. It seems such a common girl model looksyou think. But once she I got in this video, sosomething is wrong here. You will shocked, but before Cassandrawas a boy. When he It expressed its wishchange sex and become a beautiful lady of his family not supportedand he had to leave home. He took all the accumulatedmoney, got into his car and drove.

Florida, where he began to dotheir first steps in the industry dances. The guy tookmore than 10 years to become what he always wanted.He did a lot of plastic operations, plastic face,implants inserted in the chest and the priest, having spent allmore than $ 250 000. Now get successful Hollywoodsinger and actress Cassandra, urges otherspeople that they were opposed discrimination and followedtheir dreams. Conclusions from this video everyIt makes for himself. Somebody considers it suchexperiments on their.

Body, and someone violentlycriticizes these people. In any case, to disposeyour body has the right people as he likes. But also reachto extremes as some People in this video, I thinkit is impossible. Let me be myself if necessary,but within reason. If you agree with me,Like place. And if it was fun to watch theshare videos with friends. Thanks to all. Subscribeper channel, with us interesting.


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