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What did we win at Dave & Buster's?

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What kind of prizes are we going to win today from our trip to Dave & Buster's? We played some ticket games and some claw machines in our attempt to win some cool prizes. Which prize is your favorite?
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about what every son maybe here oh this is close ticket for everyone 548 right just have to get her some dizzy chicken in it is very high offensive but.

I was really good that was really good come on they get to the red oh man don't sixty ticket ticket ticket is not bad you could have got 10 tickets or 20 it would have been also if you were got to the red because the new we got the bonus as the same spot so harder than last time but not Superman hard so don't hit as hard as me oh wow they look lighter oh you got 10 tickets.

Last time in places jelly lab we got a lot of the courts got finals so we still need two more we need the evil minion I think we need Phil I have the court with us just get you get it how does it feel right there's still right so we need to and we need all evil minions evil minion severe morning oh did you did you did you out with your vengeance and I was looking.

For the rare one let's see no you didn't I get it you got a ticket yes something like this and you learn like on nothing the audience to ticket yeah so about this time once you learn the timing though I think you can get it every time last time you did pretty good I mean to the best like that's pretty good but that's not exactly ani so it's not going to County oh it's a little bit too early.

It's a little too early Oh still with it too early so yeah she's getting two tickets every time but she is getting tickets every time she misses it which is still good oh they a little early Chris oh so cool I got the legis oh oh that that's a little off for the county over here without it yeah they counted it yet the beers out in a various approach oh.

That one another car got stuck up there Vinick on it no I did it so they give us so that was perfect on and we have it curl it stuff over there look it up another card over here's we get stuff watch outside away Steven oh no I actually got that one oh that's good that's good the sounds of the counter as hell tell me so man no was like pretty.

Perfect I would literally get sticks what yeah started I don't think we're gonna get the bill no we actually got you all we need now is evil minion right of course we need the rare squad right it's always gonna be like that yeah and over here there are no evil minions or anything so there's no points like that side oh that was a little off.

But it did counted earlier maybe did he kind of the Sun no I didn't count of this Sun yeah that's it that was your last one so she got super hard and at all I believe I'm 50 - yeah it could you ticket but we did get to fill that we really need so that's cool Christmas playing monster drop extreme okay so if you want the jackpot or the bonus balls either one of those be good or the.

Monster jackpot would be pretty awesome call your restrain sizzle - you were straight into the - instead of the jackpot oh man I think the word well at least you know the time for the two you look at you again going for Tony's boat Oh creepy Thursday alright well she didn't get anything yet with other one too early to 8 with the personnel that.

Second one you said and a 62 really got forward they have one more ball grid better make it count so if any closer than that it's gonna be Oh Superman and then across Japan there's a.

Lot of donuts a shoe down here is one up there or actually two up there how does it know Superman right then you came out of here oh that should be a guaranteed way right oh maybe I guarantee that time he's going to do going sometime today and then I got Squidward you know yeah he really is a square you know boring compared to puzzles let's watch it be.

Egg a circle I don't know if you're going to win because I'm different because Superman is not very super today Jeff at a time oh good site for the competition I did yeah he is really big Oh make ever notice I don't think you're gonna win that one don't rather donut donut but you guys I don't know what's doing you going for okay yeah I hope you can always want something here.

Galia take a look for anything right there oh wait oh but we don't strike you to look at us in a little room or never so much I don't say no because this arm the arm of stuck in the wire hope it if you go stuff there somehow if you go down right they're actually going to go right into the arm for so you have it over now to your right ah it's follow your.

Brother will be such genius stuff this time oh did you dinner oh my gosh what do you think or you think coming tell me all right so to go one more time normally this side over here is a strong side and that side over down the tension is weak I don't know what's going on oh there's an angry bird - I didn't push oh man that's right in there.

Got it yeah oh my gosh are you gonna try to win it again yeah you can't leave it there she's like I got all a lot of cool prizes in this one today and this side right oh is it gave it much as dog I never saw the damage done for I don't know I don't think we should play in work for eyes bulging out okay I'm cool down I don't know if I want to.

Get it though because if what he goes down on snapperhead actual white part of it if it or knows yeah gosh something going for they're gonna bother he's hiding yeah yeah exactly i side on the side of her head her hair may get rusty to Saigon Irish side right there it should slide down yeah so that's where why they get is so.

We just pulled it over to the right and might have it so foolish yes there's a budget head that is an Oscar I'm going to try to get the trustee go faster Thank You Kristal I love the encouragement come beside one time on well should I go for it body right yeah we'll try to go for his body so I don't win they're going to get Lisa large yeah no normally before they.

Squash they had like a plastic eyeballs now they had the salt I look better now right I like it better no okay so this is the last time I'll forget I need to quote under for a given load shake right there no man well I got my any giant paw what are you gonna go for it forget it man remember the new football the Super Ball it's a Superman ball there's also a able.

To monitor my going to get in that minions eye when the cool thing is there's a super mario basketball i think that's really cool though you have how much time you can see like nine seconds get it okay photographer hope you get this put home it's up to me here did you press the button hold your breath press hold it hold Mike I know it's hitting everywhere I think you won though.

I think it's safe to say that you have won we should do count though if it still bounced oh oh my gosh I'm so close so yes you know down the first time I can't believe he did that so look it actually looks just like me to make for another one which will you go time for this time maybe the menu one maybe the Dave & Buster's one or you can try go to the.

Super Mario master long and there's a Dave & Buster's dodgeball where you going for it okay you might be able to get that but I would say get at the beat you like that one on it's like move move on have a big idea it's like pretty much impossible much if you can't do that you will win - you have six knives make sure it's all lined up good cuz I'm good alright yeah five-second.

You're right alright is it exactly what you doing you trying to get our usefully there all right for the minions one is a one-eyed minion right I can tell I don't take a one-eyed minion ball or you'll have a thug 1x or no just go continue all right you just want the minion so go for the minion again I need a friend I don't think you're going to count on to that.

So I'm not gonna finish on a pig in the back with a pig on the wards realize I think getting the way you have since I go to the rough time to line up out one all right here hope you win on this side Otto really good that looks perfect right there that's like guaranteed that's okay I'm gonna press hold it hold of an image so it's about el Oso - I told you you were found out.

So yes Superman means I have a Deckert get that 900 second we can always use on enter tickets right into it going for the left hand side of life pretty good Oh take a lot of know where 150 tickets anywise 1906 oh maybe we should have taken 250.

Tickets in time overtime I think you'll get it the second time that was just a warm-up if you think about it that was just the warm-up game this is what I really mattered yes sir all the way at the bottom again oh man okay it's okay it's still cable we don't want those people oh I don't know gonna try to spin and win.

She just funny what's already going for it she's long for this cell tonight here since about this right on that one life oh my you ever went away this one I held her to that one I thought your since when I were crashing so she was flying our way gone again I hope you get it this time basically the same or not haunted.

Oh that one was 1/2 because he listened flashing now you have to get a right there for a third one is a charm she's going to make it a win right here I hope so Benny here it goes come on about it oh what the okay last driver ill Oh oh I think you lost up thirsty but you have 40 that side a nice big bag of Street can you get it I don't know if a lady went that's reinforcing the first.

You can play again is play again they have a really big Hershey's chocolate bar as well okay top of that special dart do you release on a hike like that okay I get like a little pieces okay but once you like a big chunk of it it's too much no good all right rip of the judge hope you wanted to stay in there that's when we wrap it up guys got two big balls a big eyed minion right there and.

Then a picture of me in a ball I don't know why they put me on the ball I don't think I gave them permission to put me on there and we got the leaves of this tree it looks so big over here but when you put it back here for scale it's not that big well actually what size your head Chris and you have a big head you guys have to let us know what's one of these three prizes is the back I think.

Lisa's event who do you think you right out it looks just like me right next to this you guys have to let us know which one is the best thanks for watching everyone



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