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W/L winner Loser • 2 дня назад
Well he is right
👍 0
Michael Garcia • 2 дня назад
They may be paid forty thousand a year.
But they still billions from the other resources of taxpayer programs.
What is Hillary end up with 1.7 billion
How does Obama end up with 350 some billion dollars.
👍 0
Rapportus5 • 2 дня назад
Ya'll should react to some Tom Segura!
👍 0
Dale Munson • 3 дня назад
Wait how did I miss this vid 😂
👍 1
jose gabriel • 5 дней назад
This dude is too loud
👍 0
bre sea • 6 дней назад
I love watching channels of people laughing at comedians. There is just something about people laughing that is fun to watch.
👍 1
mikeal stevens • 7 дней назад
Yall should react to Bert kreischer i am the machine story fr 😂😂
👍 1
Akinnola Olufemi • 7 дней назад
am i being paranoid or is everybody reacting to bill burr videos lately
👍 107
Hidden Figure • 2 дня назад
thats how youtube works lol trends and stats
👍 1
Rapportus5 • 2 дня назад
Nope, you're not paranoid. Tons of people reacting to Bill Burr lately. lol.
👍 0
Neil Mo • 4 дня назад
just wait for bill burr plays pink floyd ;)
👍 1
Pomme Frite • 7 дней назад
That and the algorithm. The more you watch the more is suggested to you, so you feel it's everywhere.
👍 8
7heSlime • 7 дней назад
What's up with this sensationalist title garbage? Weak shit.
👍 0
TYLER P • 8 дней назад
Bill said even if the woman was elected to president he doesn't wanna hear the man talk.
👍 9
axrax • 9 дней назад
I didn’t understand the part about how much money the president make ...
👍 0
Dimosthenis Fakiris • 9 дней назад
Basically he can be influenced by people with more money. So he reckons that if he makes the highest amount of money he wouldn't be influenced like that
👍 2
Abel Valadez • 9 дней назад
Speak that Truth! 👏
👍 3
Trevor Coughlin • 9 дней назад
I don’t think people realize who was in the audience at this. A lot of elites and celebrities he was making a real point about issues to them which they could tell and what creates the awkward atmosphere in the room. Almost everyone in there is donating to the campaign and bill knows it
👍 34
dragon chaser • 2 дня назад
Ole Billy blue balls got balls of steel.
👍 1
Edward's Sisters'Hands • 10 дней назад
👍 0
MercifiesProductions • 11 дней назад
You guys should watch his helicopter stand up set it's hilarious
👍 1
Slogan-killer1 • 10 дней назад
MercifiesProductions they already have lol like 3 months ago
👍 0
Djinn • 11 дней назад
these guys calling someone else stupid , okayyyyyy i guessss.......
👍 0
K!ng Knowledge • 12 дней назад
Watch Jimmy Dore Show On Michelle Obama Gaslighting Women
👍 1
William Dalituicama • 12 дней назад
Wait... Did this video just come out? 🤔
👍 0
D ES • 12 дней назад
Bill Burr is crazy , "I'm sick of M Obama" you have no clue til you watch it lol , so true , I loved this reaction. 10/10
👍 9
surfitlive • 14 дней назад
The side spouse should consult with the POTUS behind the scene, at the dinner table, in bed when their mouth is full, etc. But NOT at a public podium that is addressing the POTUS. Unless they are addressed directly for whatever reason.
That is the order of things, time & place for everything.
👍 0