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What's inside a Luxury Doomsday Bunker?

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What would you need to live underground for up to five years? We went 90 feet into the Earth and toured what used to be a missile silo turned into the most luxurious doomsday bunker.
Could you live here? For two million dollars.
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Timothy Peterson • 17 минут назад
Thanks for Jesus !!!! Im broke!!!! Nice place #!!#!!!!
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Catherine H. • 1 час назад
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Mockingjay525 • 2 часа назад
Me: Everyone, don't worry. Once doomsday hits the government will work on protecting the people in the city's before the people in the suburbs. They totally won't live in luxury while they form a system like the hunger games ( Maybe without the child slaughter bit.) and watch us battle starvation while at the press of a button food is delivered to them. There won't be districts that supply the city people with food. And they won't let us have any. And I really know they won't care, because they are living the high life. We'll all be fine, right?
Government official: You know what. That's an awesome idea. Let's go do that.
Other politicians: Yeah, let's do that
Me: *I'm gonna practice my archery skills now*
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biomatlegion • 2 часа назад
Excellent coverage, I appreciated the in-depth and humor of it all. Shaboing
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journalistethics dotcom • 3 часа назад
Ace video. What is the annual maintenance owner compound upkeep fee? 100K per annum plus ? I'm guessing that a bidet tickles.
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Gilang Ramadhan • 3 часа назад
They really build this. What a shame
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Nikki Nik • 3 часа назад
Can I just live here
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Gopal Krishna • 4 часа назад
Yep I have a swimming pool
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Azna Sahadut • 4 часа назад
May I live here?
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MicroToaster [AsexualWeirdo] • 5 часов назад
AHS apocalypse got me pumped!
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YUNG Zuzu • 6 часов назад
I believe we have found the CEO of vault tec
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Zati Nursyahirah Mohd Salleh • 7 часов назад
When doomsday hits, nothing left in this world. Including this bunker. It's all gone. End.
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Scott Roy • 7 часов назад
So... How do they get all that electricity?
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legend Playz • 8 часов назад
Lincoln Wide is on your side!
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Jaurl Z • 8 часов назад
XD you can filter air all you want it wont make it safe doomsday bunkers are a horrible idea
You wont survive 1 year let alone 5
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Deatric Jackson • 9 часов назад
Basically all their subscribers watched this
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Benjamin Riley • 10 часов назад
This would make 60 seconds way easier.
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William D. • 11 часов назад
This is something I made on Minecraft all the time
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Will Lowe • 11 часов назад
Fallout shelter in real life
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ApostolicIsKey • 12 часов назад
You can't hide from God.
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