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Sometimes we just get lucky. Maybe we are walking down the street and find a five-dollar bill or discover a twenty in an old pair of jeans. These types of things occur all the time; they happen to everyone at some point during their lives. Then there are the jackpots. They do not happen to everyone. In fact, they happen to almost no one. Occasionally you will hear a story about how somebody found something that was worth a boatload of money. They end up going from rags to riches overnight.
Today Smart is the New Sexy collected 10 accidental finds that made people rich.
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Wow Woah • 33 минуты назад
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Amrat Dubey • 1 час назад
I found a gf accidentally 😂😂😘n i wanna keep her 😝
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Little Princess Nahin Farha • 1 час назад
Oh yeah! So my bff found a 1 cent at school when we were just digging for rocks! Can you believe it? We though5 it was a 5 cent but when I washed it turned out to b a 1 cent I mean it did look different and looked smaller
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Eric Muyser • 1 час назад
#1 is not true, judge shut it down as ridiculous.
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M • 2 часа назад
Don't use Rogers ok without his consent
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CRIPPLEDBEEF27 • 4 часа назад
was the Saxons in the US then? 🤣🤣🤣 got to love americans and their history.
👍 1
Gref OwO • 6 часов назад
The goverment gave him half, that was nice :)
👍 1
Dr. R. K. • 8 часов назад
I found one 5 rupees coin in my grandfather's house... That coin was made in 1945 something.... N I was kid so I saw written 5 so went to shop and bought "Buiscuit for 1 rupee and for another one 1 rupee bought chocolate.. N he gave me 3 rupees back....that I did when I was 4 yr old in 1993...n my parents still think that I gave away one" silver coin "....
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Panda paws xv • 8 часов назад
I found 20$ accidentally
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michael stevenson jr • 11 часов назад
I found your mother's g spot
👍 0
Killer 1220 • 15 часов назад
I found a big piece of gold
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TheYoutubeGamer • 21 час назад
I see you changed you YouTube name or is it just because You are on strike one on the YouTube name before right?
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LogieTheBEST • 1 день назад
My 7yo son won a car in a raffle we were automatically entered into when we paid for our sports club membership. We sold it for $11,000 and paid it straight off the mortgage. He was upset we wouldn’t keep it but we told him in 11 years when he can actually drive, we will buy him that exact same car 😂
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jw_clerigo 125 • 1 день назад
I found a one carrot necklace and its very fresh
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oldhoboman L • 1 день назад
Did the coke cola guy go back and share his good fortune? The Saxon gold was in England.
👍 0
John Gotladera • 1 день назад
So your telling me a Penny is Equal to 2 MILLION
👍 0
Sylvia Bazeou • 1 день назад
I once found my lost underwear under the couch after 1 week. Dunno how it got there but its the only thing I have found accidentally. Lucky me :)
👍 0
sweetsendaedreamr • 1 день назад
but but being rich is a moral, hard working reward.. not a lucky circumstance or opportunity LMAO!!!! ..
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Payton Clark • 1 день назад
I found $20 on the ground before the cruise I spent it on my friends and I
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YT LEGENDARY • 1 день назад
I found my lost wallet containing my fortnite accounts password worth 50000 $ because 5 accounts have renegade raider lol
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