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Cameras in the Courtroom - KEN HERON - Dash-Cam Victory

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It was an emotional roller-coaster for your pal Ken, but in the end...
The lowly dash-cam wins the day!
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Good morning if you're seeing this that means I'm not in jail all right so today is court day I'm here at the Carroll County Courthouse in Huntingdon Tennessee first of all thanks for supporting the channel I very much appreciate it secondly if you saw the video that led me to this point you lost yeah yes so I'll be seeing him.

Here in a little bit now I have to confess a few things to you in an effort to keep things on the up-and-up my court date was changed to today because actually missed my first court date if you remember I was in a horrible horrible car accident day after Christmas oh that's tough to watch and during that I had a really bad concussion so my goal for today is what.

Hey at least it's something to do here in the hospital because of my brain injury i transposed a 3 with an 8 on my court date and missed it I went in talked to the judge he found me in contempt of court for missing so I got a lawyer which cost me about the same as a new phantom 4 Pro and now I'm about to go inside luckily for you I've been given permission by the judge to film.

Inside he's very nice on the phone and I asked him can i film inside the courtroom and he said yes it's a public forum absolutely no problem there was one caveat however since the judge controls the courtroom he gave me permission to film in there however the county sheriff controls the courthouse so I can film out here because it's public and I can film inside the.

Courtroom because the nice judge gave me permission but I can't film inside the actual rest of the courthouse see at the metal detector wish me luck what's this camera camera hmm I talk to judges cool I talked to him about it we're good General Sessions Court it's real woody and nice so I think they let the people who have lawyers go first is that right.

Lawyers first get lawyer okay oh when I was here last time I did notice that there was a lot of gum under these seats let's Jack delicious and even though this is a public forum and legally it's okay to film I am gonna do the decent thing ask people's they have a problem with it hello I'll be videoing this today if anybody has a problem with their face being on YouTube raise your.

Hand and I'll blur your face right blurry Barry below look at that just blur everybody all right we're gonna blow everybody what the heck let's blur me all right there's a few familiar faces here in the small town finding done you might recognize this police officer over here from one of my previous videos hello sir first of all thank you very.

Much your service thank you sir thanks for let me play with the lights hey no problem I just got 20,000 subscribers on my youtube channel 20,000 subscribers oh oh before I let you go I got one thing for you gotta be a donut it's a donut he loves Donuts these first cases that I'm going to call.

Or cases the percent for trial today when I call your name if you have an attorney representing you all you do is raise your hand so I can see the courtroom and you do not have an attorney in the front speaking the microphone please never be sick we won't get any older and we won't ever die since we're in a new courtroom I should do the right thing.

Hey everybody I'll be videoing today for YouTube so anybody don't want to be on what their faces blur just raise your okay good all right Buller is all around second ring got you thank you and sanitation here's weeks like a week late yes your honor Jena Misha Aldridge it's a break for lunch okay by the way I talked to my.

Lawyer and the DA is wanting to put me in jail for 10 days for the contempt charge as I jaywalk I'm gonna tell you how I saved the day this is the best lawyer ever this is Neal Thompson and he saved the day now before I tell you how PI fixed everything he's gonna reenact for us that little moment in the hallway work he said that the DA was looking to get me in jail for 10 years anyway so.

The long and the short of it is everything is okay now there was a lunch break as you saw and what happened in that lunch break with with the DA sometimes like I said earlier the lunch break just kind of makes everybody pacified everybody got to take their breath was a very very busy court day everybody had high tensions and after the lunch break everybody calm down and.

It worked out like it should and you used your convincing superpower let's say don't put this poor guy in jail for ten days so that was the contempt charge because I didn't show up because my brain is broken and so and then the speeding thing that was proven by the video that I wasn't going 80 whatever so all's well that ends well well how about that dash cam say.

The day link in the description well thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and thank you neil for helping me with the content charge you know I think you mean that keen tail


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