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My Most Embarrassing School Moments

Опубликовано: 1 год назад
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Here are some of the embarrassing things I did in school. Don't judge me too harshly. :c
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Keziah Biggin • 14 минут назад
You should have told the girl u didn’t know how to spell it
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Giffordinator 01 • 7 часов назад
Hey I got kicked from your discord server and I don't know why. I followed all of the rules that you set and I wasn't being a jerk to anyone. You probably won't see this. Welp thay lasted like a day. 😧
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precious asoluka • 8 часов назад
I always ask how do you spell your name
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Atlis K • 9 часов назад
You could asked how to spell her name unless it was really simple like Lucy
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Majestically Awkward • 11 часов назад
Ok this is just a crappy ripoff of theodd1sout
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Ava Gundrum • 11 часов назад
at 4:43 when the slashing sound effect thing happened my cat was sitting next to me and she got so scared she jumped off the bed lmao
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Vanessa94246 • 12 часов назад
***Wow. ***
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TSM Farquaad • 13 часов назад
U should have said how do u spell it
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Catriona Whelan • 14 часов назад
2.00 you could have asked her how do you spell it?
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Nora Morina • 16 часов назад
nice hahahahaha
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King Cookie • 16 часов назад
My tips for 2 embarrassing things that happened to you is.....
At 2:01 Ask how to spell their name
At 4:03 say “You had to be there to get it”
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Greetings. Have a nice day. • 19 часов назад
2:08 That's a bad combination of food and beverage. I hate mountain dews. Yuck.
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Mikyah • 1 день назад
Oh my god Timothy Thomas really just called me a sevi-
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Karva Animations • 1 день назад
I had 100 embarrassing moments of my 2nd grade
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Presley Benton • 1 день назад
LOGIC: didn't want a school to know, LETS 1.1M PEOPLE KNOW
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DeadlyHamster • 1 день назад
I would have just asked the girl how to spell her name
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Splat2ngirl • 1 день назад
I’m just curious as to how one gets a pimple in their ear
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maria coria • 1 день назад
If I were you when a girl scared me I’ll slap across the face (slapping her face)
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Timtom: what would you do if you walked the wrong way?
Girl: I'd justttt turn around
Timtom: *makes eye contact*
Timtom:Get out
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Lily G • 2 дня назад
U could have said how do u spell her name
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