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The Novitec N-LARGO 720S is the CRAZIEST McLaren on the Planet!

Опубликовано: 21 день назад
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Novitec have taken their N-Largo program to the 720S to create possibly the craziest McLaren ever! The N-Largo 720S features a widebody package with a fireball popping exhaust and over 800hp from the twin turbo V8. Let's take a first ever look, walkaround, and go for a ride in their latest creation.
The N-Largo models that Novitec produce follow a very distinct style; wide and crazy in every possible way. In this case the 720S sits 35mm lower while being 130mm wider at the rear and 60mm wider at the front. Not only that but the new bodywork carries the wildest of designs possible, with some cues inspired form the McLaren Ultimate Series cars. Also fitted is a visible carbon wing, an exhaust systems that literally spits fire on startup in the race mode, and the N-Tronic box to raise the power.
The 4.0l twin turbo V8 as standard makes 720PS and 770Nm, and in this case now makes 806PS and 878Nm! Those gains mean a 0-200km/h time of just 7.5 seconds - this is hypercar territory!
Join me then for a first look at the latest model, limited to just 15 units, before we hear the sounds of the new exhaust system and take it out to experience on the road.
Thanks for watching, Tim
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Shmee150 • 21 день назад
The Novitec N-Largo 720S is arguably the craziest McLaren on the planet! With only 15 units to be built in total, the car has over 800hp, a widebody conversion and even an exhaust that spits flames on race start - so let's take a first look and check it out!
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Osm B • 14 дней назад
Quem diz que esse carro é feio, provavelmente não entende algo de designer. Só a beleza do desenho deste veículo, já vale o preço que é pedido. Eu também gostaria de ver a TVR fabricando automóveis desse calibre. Talvez um novo Cerbera w16 hiper carro, com um desenho bem agressivo.
Whoever says this car is ugly probably does not understand something about design. Only the beauty of the design of this vehicle, already worth the price that is requested. I would also like to see TVR making cars of this caliber. Maybe a new Cerbera w16 hyper car, with a very aggressive design.
Quien dice que ese coche es feo, probablemente no entiende algo de diseño. Sólo la belleza del diseño de este vehículo, ya vale el precio que se solicita. También me gustaría ver la TVR fabricando automóviles de ese calibre. Tal vez un nuevo Cerbera w16 hiper coche, con un diseño muy agresivo.
Celui qui dit que cette voiture est laide ne comprend probablement pas quelque chose au sujet du design. Seule la beauté du design de ce véhicule vaut déjà le prix demandé. J'aimerais aussi voir TVR fabriquer des voitures de ce calibre. Peut-être une nouvelle voiture hyper Cerbera w16, avec un design très agressif.
Wer sagt, dass dieses Auto hässlich ist, versteht wahrscheinlich nicht etwas von Design. Nur die Schönheit des Designs dieses Fahrzeugs ist bereits den gewünschten Preis wert. Ich möchte auch, dass TVR Autos dieses Kalibers herstellt. Vielleicht ein neues Cerbera W16-Hyperauto mit sehr aggressivem Design.
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Rendijs Eversons • 15 дней назад
on back looks 720s but frot Senna!
WTF is this Mclaren
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Chico Haze • 15 дней назад
What’s crazier then that McLaren? That rotating solar Garage
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Chico Haze • 15 дней назад
New subscriber here
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Jay Trock • 17 дней назад
The 720 makes closer to 800. Just saying
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Tjade Looman • 5 часов назад
So it basically has 20 hp more then the standard 720?
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xXxBo5sANaCxXx • 7 часов назад
if it only had NA V12
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Marshall Clampitt • 10 часов назад
Did anyone else think the Senna was on the thumbnail initially?
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Aqua God • 20 часов назад
Just got two delivered today!
So excited!
....... .. .
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HesteBremse • 1 день назад
Not many can Tune to this level in series for the bodywork – their style is simply extreme but still so maintained, color combinations are always special – Nobody will mistake an N-Largo for just another sportscar because they always stand out no matter the model, and this is certainly no exception.
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ryan cherry • 1 день назад
I actually love this color it’s the whole reason I clicked the video. It looks like some sort of top secret military ufo.
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ApoptosisPending • 1 день назад
Does is have DRS lol
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ApoptosisPending • 1 день назад
What a BEAUTIFUL car
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LegendofVII • 2 дня назад
This shit is so tough, one of my dream cars
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Der Pyromane • 3 дня назад
Novitec is German or isn't it?
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TeamBox Cutta • 3 дня назад
sounds a little tinny from the outside....? i must be trippin
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TeamBox Cutta • 3 дня назад
not as much from the inside though....lol..sounds beautiful when he punches it
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Thompter S. Hunson • 3 дня назад
Rims are beautiful!
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Bruno Wis • 3 дня назад
Looks like something every 10 year old has in GTA online
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studdaman420 • 4 дня назад
That race startup mode is 😁👌 Mint!
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Ryan T • 5 дней назад
dont get to see the engine???
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Greiguci Wootchie • 6 дней назад
Quicker than the senna by 0.1 sec to 100kl. But 0.7 sec slower from 0-200 than the senna.
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RISEUP Gamer • 7 дней назад
And the ugliest 😂
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DJDC Cooper • 7 дней назад
10 out 10 McLaren 👌👌🔥🔥
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Inez Neal • 7 дней назад
I want circular headlight. Just two. I night go with a bmw. But I want a super car
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