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Makita BO6030 slefuitor orbital / Random Orbit Sander UNBOXING + TEST

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Slefuitor cu rotaie excentrica aleatoare si set discuri abrazive pentru el. My channel


Hello! As I told you in the last video With chainsaw Husqvarna T435 I'll show you something new from Makita and... today I will show you this Random Orbit Sander I also got a set of abrasive discs also from Makita and ... why do I say today? ... because... I took several tools from Makita and some accessories for them So, we'll see soon more unboxing videos.

Depending on my time so I can make these videos so let's start with this sander and I'll try to do a test after unboxing and where it will be possible to the other machines I'll try to do a test after unboxing where it requires a more detailed documentation I'll come back with a video with the test of that machine so today we will see this new sander I'll show you the box, what's in the box and a test of this sander let's see the box, packaging of this product this is the sander model...BO6030 as we see, It has speed adjusting dial.

We should have a dust bag in the box...I think for dust collection now let's see what's in the box has the bag, paper bag I think this is for the bag I'll see after... instruction manuals an abrasive disc with 120 grit the sander... and a handle.

There is nothing else in the box the handle seems to be fitting here I'll see it later I think he has hook-and-loop system of the abrasive disc and the pad yes here is the button for speed adjusting the switch trigger...the lock button and that's it let's see where it's made I do not know if you can see.

Is made in the United Kingdom the sanding model and some details at first sight, I like this sander, has a good weight... now I'll assemble it and I'll try to show you a first test these are abrasive disks a set of 10 discs we see a sander on the packaging for wood, for metal... 150 grit and he comes with one of 120 grit.

Just a disc hook-and-loop system When attach the abrasive disc to the pad we must be careful to align the holes then the sander can absorb the dust in the paper bag I'll assemble it now and I'll do a test this handle (front grip) is simple to put the protrusions fit into the matching notches in the front of the tool even simple... is well fixed I had not seen where is the hex wrench for change the pad.

Very interesting how it is fixed here from this screw and with the hex wrench change the pad with other optional accesories why change the pad?... because as I saw in the manual... it is possible to sanding large wooden surfaces but it is possible polishing operation, applying wax, removing wax and polishing But with optional pad which are not included now!!! the power cord is long I installing dust bag and I'll try to do a test.

Bag from what I've seen I think it's like that has a special place to fix is also caught in these clamps and this... I'm trying to get it better that's comes here if you see It has a notch and must be insert here but I think I put it with the reverse... Yes I think so should be placed in reverse.

Being the first use I do not know how to mount them and as you can see the notch insert here into the guide of the paper dust bag holder I think that's right let's see how installing dust bag dust bag is made of rubber it fixes very well and ... that's what it looks like the sander with the dust bag unplug the power cord and put it in the socket to hear how it works now is at lower speed minimum vibrations although it also has an eccentric movement.

Minimum vibrations... let's see the speed at position 3 now it's at full speed at 5 is the maximum a clik was heard yes, minimal vibrations now I'll fix this wood on the table with the vices from Makita and I will do the first test as you can see the wood is not planed in my projects I use an electric planer from Makita (model 1911B).

When attach the abrasive disc to the pad we must be careful to align the holes is easy to fix and...now we'll see the first use I will start with speed at 3 let's see the result now it's at full speed the result is very good open the vices to show you I'm trying to you see how well it is sanding comparing with that surface.

And... with the disc 120 grit after i use the electric planer and the sander with 150 grit discs the wood it will be finer than now and after varnishing will look very good this was the unboxing, the assemble and the test of this sander I'm pleased I really like it has a good weight and minimum vibrations I'll read the manual to see what I find interesting and I will come back with other clips so up to a new video thank you for watching.

I say hello and I wish you good luck! I'm sorry if subtitling is not very correct I use Google Translate...


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