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EXPLOSIVE Idaho Potato Gun Cyst!! | Dr. Derm

Опубликовано: 8 дней назад
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Dr. Derm drains a cyst that had already been oozing on its own due to irritation. This video is worth SHARING!
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SunyDays56 • меньше минуты назад
You could have least covered head head up with a cloth
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Kim Vanslembrouck • 1 час назад
Looks like a pouch at top still
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K Scott • 1 час назад
OMG I have watched hundreds of these kinds of videos and I have never seen such a sloppy, unprofessional mess. I hope this poor woman never sees this. For crying out loud, slow down and contain all that crap. Geez...
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Kara Mason • 2 часа назад
Holy Hannalh!!!! That was awesome and what a great lady. Shes amazing and her attitude is to die for. Had me stitches, not to mention jumping whenever another big squirt cameout. Love it, and Granny. Great job!.
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Sandra G • 3 часа назад
Hope there's a follow up to see the sac removed after the infection goes away.
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Ἕƈђἔłὄᾗ • 7 часов назад
Back again for a second viewing!
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Lotte B • 11 часов назад
I love how everyone in the comments are professional Doctors all of a sudden because they've watched a bunch of Dermatology Videos online
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Arianna Combite • 14 часов назад
This is horrible. You couldn’t have been more inconsiderate! You were terribly ruff and messy.
👍 0
Jerri Walker • 16 часов назад
A messy man. And I wonder when she'll be coming back to drain it again?
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Crystal Marie Dixon • 18 часов назад
Best video of a pop I have seen in such a long time. If I could have given you a million likes on this video I would have. It was very awesome to watch and I really did enjoy my self. Now that is a video and its so hard to find awesome videos like that now a days. Man keep them kind of videos coming and I will be watching your channel for ever. Man thank you so very much man that made my night. :)
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Lorna Lowenski • 19 часов назад
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ASHLEY LYONS • 19 часов назад
Omg this really drives me nuts that thing is probably so deep filled with cyst and he’s gonna leave it all in there it’s just going to keep coming back!!! Didn’t you go to school got this crap?!
👍 0
ASHLEY LYONS • 19 часов назад
Man this is nasty. This doctor can’t keep it clean a little and also shouldn’t you try and make sure to get it completely out so it doesn’t come back... t
👍 0
Ky Marie • 20 часов назад
Just making a mess got up all in her hair crying when he try get it out of her hair
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Sunny McKinney • 20 часов назад
Those look like spider bites!!
👍 0
hogtipoo • 20 часов назад
On behalf of popaholics everywhere I just want to say thank you. This is one of the best cyst videos ever and it would have been a travesty had this not been recorded.
👍 1
shadow985 • 21 час назад
For a second I thought someone spilled the gravy
👍 0
Kristi Howard • 21 час назад
He’s making a damn mess!!
👍 0
Diana Gerard • 21 час назад
Wow what a mess lol.
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Kristina Haden • 21 час назад
I was confused as to what she was saying about her breast in relation to the smell. The contents looked rancid. This poor soul saying she sat in the sun trying to " dry it up"... I hope she's doing lots better would love an update. Very interesting video!!!
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